Read Abubakar Tsav's Message To President Buhari Concerning 2019..

A former police commissioner, Abubakar Tsa and top northern elder, wants President Muhammadu Buhari to    return to his farm in Daura, Kastina state in 2019 if he's not feeling strong enough to seek re-election.

Tsav during an interview with SUN Newspaper said, ''Human beings are not machines and therefore they are bound to be sick. Even prophets of God at one time or the other fell sick. It is natural. What is bothering people is that the presidency should be able to tell us what is happening to our president. It is unfortunate the way people are trying to politicize the whole issue.

“In other countries of the world, when a President is sick, the whole nation would go into prayers for his recovery. But here, we are doing politics.

“While some people are anxious, some are wishing him dead, looking to gain advantage for themselves. But they fail to realize that death is not restricted to one individual. Everybody must die when his time comes.

“I am disappointed both by those wishing the president dead and also by the presidency for not telling us the truth,” he said.

If the president is sick, we expect that he should put his trust on credible people; bring people on board so that they will advise him on how to put this government in the direction that the country deserves.

“As at now, we don’t know what the ailment of the President is. If I say he is in a very critical state now, I am lying because I don’t know. But I pray that God Almighty would restore his health so that he can come back and continue with the job he has started.

“And, if he feels he cannot go any longer, when his four-year tenure ends, he should step down.”

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